Kid Cut Up: On His Grind (Interview + Edit Pack)

Despite having firmly planted his feet in L.A. Kid Cut Up has been making waves across the Midwest for quite some time.  On any given weekend you might find him playing Commonwealth in Vegas, or holding it down at The Dime.  He’s carrying the torch when it comes to open-format DJ’ing right now.


Kid Cut Up! Tell us a little it about yourself? 

Im living in LA, but I’m from Milwaukee, WI.
You’ve done a lot of dope, highly publicized work with GOOD music – how did that come about?
I’ve always appreciated the way GOOD music balances art and commerce in their work. In a lot of ways they are the best fed Artists out here… So I’ve spent a lot of time with their catalog as a fan and as a DJ. It’s something I connect with and my familiarity helps me incorporate it into my work as well. Specifically I was asked by to do a mix celebrating Common’s music in anticipation of his Universal Mind Control album. It was also being used to promote an album release deal that was happening with Zune. Remember those?! The process went really fast and was exciting. I recently ran across it somewhere on the internet and it was actually cool to listen to it now that I’m more removed from the project. Also… what happened to Zune?!
As a turntablist and party-rocker, you’ve come to be known as a staple of LA club culture. What was that journey like?

I’m steadily worming my way into the establishment out here. The LA club scene is really fast paced and the players in it are very territorial. I knew that coming out to LA wasn’t gonna immediately shake the world up… After all really good DJing is generally less noticeable than bad DJing. Ha. But I’ve been putting out a lot of remixes and blends with my particular style and its spreading my name to a lot of new parties and scenes. As the opportunity to play these spots myself have been coming in, I’ve been able to give them the first hand taste of how I approach DJing differently. There are LOTS of ways to rock a party… and the rise of DJ culture in general has really homogenized a lot of expectations and performances. So I show them that there are still other ways to reach the people as well.
Coming out of a more traditional hip-hop DJ turntablist background, ow do you feel about the EDM festival scene? Where do you see this craft and profession headed in 5-10 years?
I like the EDM scene. It’s fun. Its youthful. Its energetic. and it doesn’t know any better…. so a lot of its mistakes end up being cool breakthroughs. It changed up the game for sure. As far as relating it to Hiphop and the Hiphop style of DJing I’d say that the best part of being a Hiphop DJ is that often its not what you play, but how you play it. So we are able to cherry pick the best parts of EDM and incorporate it. I’ll put almost any headlining Hiphop DJ against the big EDM names. Hiphop will win.

Its funny to me now that EDM isn’t so new anymore and people are either abandoning it or trying to keep it fresh and relevant… They are all going to Hiphop for that relevance. Except Avicii. He went country instead. But its funny that all these blogs and media outlets are like “Diplo does a Hiphop mix!?!?!!! OH MY GOD!!!” Diplo has been Hiphop since way before EDM existed. Same with A-Trak. He’s got records with Little Brother out… He’s always been DJing in a Hiphop style. So much of EDM was in the marketing of it… It’s just 808 and 909 drums at different tempos. We all just wanna dance and join the party.
Last records or albums you bought? Who are you feeling right now?
The only physical music I buy anymore are CD singles. If anyone reading this has a stash and needs them to disappear… hit me up! As far as music that I’ve been really into lately I’ve really enjoyed the last P.O.S. album, the stuff I’ve heard from Elliphant, Run The Jewels, DJ Mustard beats, and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk”. If a whole new genre or trend popped off on that style I wouldn’t be mad.

What does “open-format” mean to you? Who, in your opinion, is killing the game right now?
Killing it as in a good way? Or in a bad way?? I’ll do both… In a bad way are DJs who don’t learn the craft of DJing and don’t practice their DJing. In a good way are DJs who still take chances with the dancefloor… not recklessly or selfishly. But in an attempt to expand and challenge and surprise the audience. They breath new life into the game. Oh yeah… In a bad way are also club owners who expect you to market and promote yourself as a DJ and then expect you to sound and fit the format of whatever DJ they really wish they could afford to book. Our sound is our calling card… if we are going to distinguish ourselves from the pack and be a draw then we have to be unique.

As far as open format… The way most industry people mean it is that Pop music comes in two tempos now… and an Open Format DJ is supposed to be playing both. That’s right… music at both 128 AND 70bpm. At some point it became the new way to say Top 40 music.

But for me… and most true Hiphop DJs… We’ve always been open format. Funk, Rock, Jazz, Soul, Hiphop, Reggae and everything else that is fresh and sets the party off. AND NOT ONLY NEW HITS OR PREVIOUS HITS EITHER. That’s to me what Open Format means… It’s hard to have an open format with a closed mind.
2000Down is support by working DJs all over the world. Any last words?
2000Down is a rad site because it mostly features DJs being DJs… and doing the creative things that DJs do to stand out and make their sets and musical experiences custom and memorable. There are a ton of sites out there for producers now… but a lot less for people who make playing other people’s music an art. I make music too. I love that producers make music… But as a DJ I love making art out of the composition and juxtaposition of other people’s music as well. So those my last words to DJs: Make art.
I wanna give a shout to for having me on their team. A really great site over there for working DJs who need to stay up to date and relevant. I have a lot of work up on there that is exclusive to that site so check it out!
Also shouts out to the LA scene for being so supportive of the new guy out here and to Milwaukee for always having my back and the support when I head back home.
And to every club, promoter, DJ, bartender or party person… Hit me up!! Let’s party.
Also thanks to 2000down for reaching out to me and featuring me on your site… i appreciate it!
See you on the dancefloor…

DOWNLOAD: KID CUT UP x 2000Down Edit Pack

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[mixcloud width=660 height=208 hide_cover=1 hide_tracklist=1]

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Screen shot 2014-10-30 at 6.29.50 PM


A nice little pack from DJ SKILLZ featuring several acapella outs, bootlegs, a halloween edit or two, and some useful Top40 / Open Format transitions.



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THRILLER (Chazz Rockwell Edit)

Most working DJ’s maintain fairly comprehensive holiday crates for Halloween, St. Patricks Day, etc.  Don’t even *think* about walking into a club tomorrow night without a working edit of Thriller.  Our homie (and edit machine) Chazz Rockwell just dropped a dope ‘Frankenstein’ (pun intended) edit of this MJ classic which unites the OG with some hype and tasteful remixes from the likes DJ Fabian, Discotech, and others.


*FM mixshow DJs, this version isn’t radio clean!*





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Club Goin’ UP… Chi Duly & DJ Step Exclusives

We’ve featured our friend Chi Duly on the blog in the past – he’s back with a new deep housey remix of everyone’s favorite club anthem by ILOVEMAKONNEN.  Vibes.



“Next” is a cool little “reggae” blend of “Too Close” I stumbled upon on soundcloud late one night.  Nice opening set material.

Chicago’s DJ STEP is making waves right now, and we’re proud to say we’ve featured him on the blog in the past.  Don’t let the title of this stellar remix fool you – Step channels some latin/salsa heat on this one.  I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy and it’s been a huge hit w. my open-format crowds.  Ben, you’ve outdone yourself with this one.  Download now.

Refer to the diagram for a more detailed explanation. Dale!


FOLLOW: @callme_STEP



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New Orleans Funk


Welcome to New Orleans: A tribute to New Orleans Funk and Soul is the work of New Orleans native, DJ Personify. Raised in the Crescent City, the die-hard Hip-Hop fan learned early on that many of the samples he discovered originated in New Orleans. He soon became infatuated with the Funk and Soul music recorded there and has spent the better part of the last twenty years immersed in the culture of those records. Personify’s passion for New Orleans’ music and culture extends to the present day and is manifested in this DJ mix masterpiece. Lovingly compiled, all of the artists featured on the mix are native to New Orleans with the exception of Hugo Montenegro who plays alongside Al Hirt (a New Orleans native) and The Headhunters, who are included here because of their work with Bill Summers (a life-long New Orleanian). All songs and samples used on this mix were recorded from vinyl sources.

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LIVE at W San Francisco Oct 4, 2014


Just signed up on to host mix tapes since Soundcloud has been so picky about content lately.

To start things off is an unedited 100% live mix of the last 30 mins of last week’s Brunch at the W San Francisco. I used a Pioneer DJM900, 2 CDJ900s and 2 Novation Dicers.  Artists include Croatia Squad, Justin Martin, Chris Malenchak with remixes of songs by Blondie, Henry Krinkle and Tracy Chapman. It was recorded in the afternoon so it’s on the chill side.  Suggested uses: Sunday BBQ, At the beach, pre gaming at the crib or laying down with someone sexy.

Happy Listening

-@DjIsaacJordan [Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter | House-Mixes | Mixcloud ]


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All Purple Everything

Who’s got the look? Prince got the look. And we all got love for Prince. If you don’t love Prince that’s okay you just don’t get it yet. Or your just not that into music, which is also okay but that makes me question why you are on a music blog right now. I am a firm believer in different strokes for different folks when it comes to music but if your a music nerd and don’t appreciate the purple one then your a little suspect in my book.

It’s been a busy month for Mr 1999: First off, Prince just released a new album called ART OFFICIAL AGE (FREE STREAM) that you really need to be listening to. To me this album is right on par with Purple Rain and all his classic albums from the 80s and 90s. Secondly, Prince just released another new album called PLECTRUMELECTRUMARTOFFICIALAGE that is also a fun listen. This one is more on the rock tip and shows why he’s considered one of the top guitarists in the world. Third, 2000Down’s own DJ Alykhan teamed up with Dave Wrangler to put together an extra funky, extremely groovy, and absolutely purple all prince inspired mixtape called Purple Life.  This is a very well done mix and believe me when I tell you I would be the first one to shoot down a poorly done Prince mixtape.  Oh, apparently USA TODAY THOUGHT PURPLE LIFE WAS PRETTY MUCH AMAZING too. (DL Link in description)

Dave Wrangler & DJ Alykhan present PURPLE LIFE: The Mixtape by Dj Alykhan on Mixcloud

DID YOU KNOW Alykhan is up for Rochester’s top club DJ by Rochester City News? He did kind of single-handedly bring this blog back to life and kept your crates extra fresh so definitely GET YOUR KARMA POINTS UP and TAKE A SECOND TO VOTE FOR HIM (voting ends Oct 17).




You made it this far and that deserves a purple treat, how about a pack of custom Prince edits from me to you~ (download)

Erotic City (Isaac Jordan Drum Edit) – Prince
FunknRoll (Isaac Jordan Edit) – Prince
I Would Die 4 U (Isaac Jordan More Drums Edit) – Prince
Little Red Corvette (Isaac Jordan Drum Edit) – Prince
Raspberry Beret (Isaac Jordan Drum Edit) – Prince
U Got The Look (Isaac Jordan edit) – Prince
When You Were Mine (Isaac Jordan Edit) – Prince


@DjIsaacJordan [Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter | Ello ]


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Believe Me x Grinding



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Toronto – Skratch Bastid’s BBQ 2014



2000Down Fam in Toronto – see you on Saturday!  I haven’t been able to make this in the past because I was always gigging  - super excited to be skipping town with a small crew from WNY to catch what is sure to be a phenomenal show.


Don’t forget to tune-in to later today (12-2pm EST) to hear an exclusive interview w. Skratch Bastid on #ElectricTouch w. the homie Mista Jiggz!



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Doc Adam – He’s Back!

To be fair, Portland’s Doc Adam never left.  Sorry for the clickbait. At least we didn’t ‘upworthy’ you by saying something like “DOC ADAM STAYED HOME ONE AFTERNOON AND YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT”




Consistently putting in work, he stays getting rave reviews. Adam is a friend of the blog, and an incredibly talented DJ.  His soundcloud stream is always packed with new edits, remixes, and live mixes from parties I wish I could’ve attended.

He’s put some really dope stuff online lately, including several new productions.  I chose to highlight a few of them here, but show his soundcloud some love for even more gems.

this paltry offering does little for a man with the undisputed reputation of being a no-holds barred open-format sensation with very deep crates.  His ‘live at the continental firehouse’ mix hasn’t left my phone since I re-downloaded it sometime ago, and I am grateful that he continues to bless the internet with quality music and the occasional tweet about martial arts.




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